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Overview of Curriculum

Our main curriculum is the Creative Curriculum Approach, which targets all areas of development including language, literacy, fine & gross motor, cognitive, social-emotional & creativity. Through carefully planned, age-appropriate activities and teacher modeling the children learn confidence, self-esteem, self-expression, rule following, healthy habits, social skills, and problem solving. The learning begins in the infant room and continues all the way through the school-age program. Each age group has its own classroom designed to provide age-appropriate activities.



Starting at 6 weeks old

In the infant room the staff focus on the individual schedules and needs of the child, working with parents to keep home and child care routines as consistent as possible. We provide ample floor space to all for the new gross motor development that begins at this age, along with climbers, mats, bouncers, swings, and jumpers. We encourage early math and science skills such as size and texture, and hand-eye coordination skills with soft blocks, balls, baskets, and push toys. Our infant room is designed with the comfort of cuddling and snuggling in mind with many cozy areas to read books or play quietly. We also offer a separate area away from the play area for sleeping so that our sleepers can rest peacefully without interruption. We also use sign language to promote early language skills and communication in this room.



In the toddler room we focus on expanding language to give children words to express their needs and feelings. Language is built from songs and finger plays, reading short stories, and teacher-initiated activities such as art or sensory projects. The room is designed for them to explore their new found independence with as many safe and organized choices as possible such as rocking or riding toys, puzzles, push toys, housekeeping, books, instruments, and cuddly toys. Our toddler room is designed for safety and movement with low-to-the ground play areas with lots of cushion and lots of space to spread out.


Twos & Threes


Our two’s and three’s are encouraged to explore their independence at this naturally curious age, while learning to understand their feelings and emotions. Our staff will give them lots of opportunity to practice self-help skills by giving them freedom within boundaries. Each of our classrooms is equipped with soft blocks, dramatic play areas, sensory tables, books, and games. Literacy is encouraged through group and individual story reading and daily art lessons. The children can also explore their motor skills through climbers set up in each of the classrooms.




In the Preschool classrooms, conversation, friendship, and cooperation are strongly encouraged. The children are shown the skills necessary to transition easily into their educational careers. Kindergarten readiness skills set in place by the State of Illinois are focused on, as well as monthly project approach topics to make learning fun. The preschool classrooms are structured in their daily routines, so that children will not only know what to expect, but also to further their independence in taking care of themselves more than before. The goal is to give our children the preparation they need to take care of themselves as much as possible in order to be more successful when kindergarten begins. Families can choose to enroll children for just the morning hours for focused preschool activities, or they can take advantage of our full day preschool program which allows children to practice academic skills, social skills, and learn routine in a relaxed setting that provides continuity throughout the day. 

School Age


We have two programs for our school-age children. The first is to provide a safe environment for children of working parents both before and after school, while also providing much needed transportation to and from school. There are arts, crafts, and games planned around holiday themes throughout the afternoons. The second program is the summer program designed for a fun, eventful, and yet educational way to spend the months off from school. We offer weekly themes, field trips, art, science, math, gross motor, and nutritional activities. Their environment promotes social interaction, individual exploration, and opportunities to test their independence. In the school-age room we encourage long-term building and crafting projects and stem activities that promote focus, patience, and perseverance.

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